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JUST PETS is the best pet store in Denver and best pet shopping experience in the Denver, CO area. We know pets are so much more than just an animal to keep you company. They are family. We are the first choice in pet stores in Colorado. We partner with you to find the best pet for your personality and circumstances to ensure a long laughter-, love- and memory-filled relationship. We offer great dog grooming services in Denver as well as being a pet store. Please click to find out more about our Dogs for sale in Colorado.

Breeds We CarryPurebred Puppies: Golden Retriever; Poodles (Toy, Mini, Standard); Cavalier King Charles Spaniel; Yorkshire Terrier; Havanese; Pug; Labrador Retriever; Soft Coated Wheaten; Maltese; Lhasa Apso; Siberian Husky; Australian Shepherd; Mini Australian Shepherd; Toy Australian Shepherd; Chihuahua; Pekingese; Dachshund (Minis); Shih Tzu; Scottish Terriers; Schnauzer (Minis); French Bulldog; English Bulldog; Italian Greyhound; Shiba Inu; Pembroke Welsh Corgi; Brussels Griffon; Pomeranian; Boxer; German Shepherd; Bichon; Beagle; Basset Hound; Boston Terrier; Rottweiler; Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie); Cairn Terrier; Coton de Tulear; Akita; Cane Corso; Bull Mastiff; Italian Mastiff; Old English Sheepdog; Miniature Pinscher; Doberman Pinscher; Japanese Chin; Vizsla; Hound Dog; Coon Hound; English Springer Spaniel; Rat Terrier; Silky Terrier; Jack Russell Terrier; American Eskimo; Chinese Shar Pei; Cocker Spaniel; Affenpinscher; Great Dane; Saint Bernard; Weimeraner; Great Pyrenees; Chow Chow; West Highland Terriers; Bernese Mountain Dog; Silver Labrador Retreiver  Hybrid Puppies: Maltipoo; Shipoo; Cavapoo; Teddy Bears (Shih Tzu x Poodle Mix); Morkie; Schnoodle; Schnorkie; Mauzer (Maltese x Schnauzer); Havipoo; Labradoodle; Goldendoodle; Malshi (Maltese/Shih Tzu); Bugg (Boston x Pug); Yorkipoo; Whoodle (Wheaten x Poodle); Rug Rat (Pug x Rat Terrier); Papipoo (Papillon x Poodle); Maltion (Maltese x Papillon); Lhasapoo; Lhatese (Lhasa Apso x Maltese); Weepoo (Westie x Poodle); Cockapoo; Chiweenie; Chorkie (Chihuahua x Yorkie); Pekapoo; PooChon; Puggle (Pug x Beagle); Paperanian; Silkypoo; Chilky; Cavachon; Polanese (Maltese x Pom Mix); Papipoo; Pomapoo; Gerberian Shepsky (German Shepherd x Husky); Eskland (Eskimo x Sheltie); Australian Eskimo (Aussie x Eskimo Mix); Bernadoodle (Bernese Mtn Dog x Poodle Mix); Mini Goldendoodle; Mini Labradoodle; Silktese; Cavanese; Cotralian (Aussie x Cocker Spaniel); Cockerchon Kittens: Siamese; Ragdoll; Himalayan; American Shorthair; Himalayan Mixes

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Welcome to Just Pets of Denver! We are the leading dog grooming and pet store in Denver; we happily provide a growing variety of pet supplies and pets including puppies, kittens, and more. Just Pets is a full-size pet store and pet supply store that focuses on offering the highest quality products and the happiest and healthiest pets you’ll find anywhere in Denver or beyond. We also offer complete dog grooming services to help keep your furry friends feeling fresh!

Many Denver pet stores do not offer the selection of pet supplies and pets that are available at Just Pets. Combined with our professional dog grooming service, the amenities that pets have at Just Pets are unrivaled among pet stores in Denver. We simply go above and beyond what is expected of traditional pet stores. You and your pet’s comfort and happiness are our measure of success. Come visit us! We know that once you see our facilities and meet our friendly staff, you won’t want to take your pet anywhere else.

Our reputation for being one of the friendliest pet stores in Denver is because of our dedication to having trained and knowledgeable staff and groomers.We know that your pet is a member of the family, and we aim to treat them with compassion, respect and courtesy. At Just Pets in Denver, we want to build a fruitful relationship with you and your pet to ensure that we can exceed the expectations you would have of any great pet store and professional groomer.Whether you are looking for a fun puppy to add some excitement to your home, or want a cute, cuddly kitten to bring joy and warmth to your lap, Just Pets is ready to help you find the perfect new friend. The happiness and closeness that a pet can offer to an individual or a family makes the time you spend caring for them worth every minute. Experience the Just Pets difference by visiting one of our locations in the Denver area today!

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